Mad Titan’s Wrath | Marvel Contest of Champions

Mad Titan's Wrath | Marvel Contest of Champions

Mad Titan’s Wrath | Marvel Contest of Champions

See some of Goldtooths Creatives and my work in just released Marvel/Kabam’s “Mad Titan’s Wrath” trailer for “Marvel Contest of Champions”.

I worked on:- Spiderman’s exploding asteroid, Thanos’s asteroid steps, The Paitriot’s shield, Ironman’s blasters, Cables gunfire, Dr.Strainge’s portal and some Thanos effects that wern’t used.

Some were complete asset builds, but due to time constraints, an FX team of 2, and a shared relatively small farm, most were adapting previous assets or just placement and render. The longest render was by far the asteroid explosion at 2 days on the high end machines. there was only time to re render it twice due to delivery schedules and available machines.

Full credit the to VFX lead, Gavin Templer, who had put together a pretty slick short project pipeline and some very nice assets to dissect and adapt.

Goldtooth is also a lovely studio to work for. Small, friendly and boutique. You have to love a place with not one but two, movie props motorbikes on display. I would highly recommend this studio to work for. (disclaimer: As with anything, your experience may differ from mine)